Lit by Chris Nash January 27th, 2021
I was Director when Jeremy was appointed to the lectureship. He gave the most brilliant interview, ranging widely over the field of transport economics and showing enormous insight on everything. That was when I first realised that we had one of the best transport economists around with us. Jeremy's style was always to contribute to projects as a backroom person, solving problems and coming up with original ways of taking the subject forward rather than seeking publicity for himself. He was someone you could always go to if you had a technical economics problem and he would come up with a solution. In that way, he contributed much more to the research of ITS than anyone would realise from his cv. I also found him a brilliant if unorthodox lecturer ( I particularly appreciated questions like " Is the Eagle Tavern a public good"!). My impression is that - even though he taught tough modules with literally hundreds of students - he always had time for students who needed help. We have lost an enormously talented as well as a kind and generous colleague and friend.
This candle went out on 27th February.