Created by John 10 months ago

I can still remember the supervision meetings on each Chapter of my PhD thesis where I discussed - and debated - the content with Jeremy. He had the sharpest and liveliest of minds, and these meetings were academic and productive in the best sense. He had a great sense of humour too, so the atmosphere was easy and constructive. As others have said, he allowed all people and all ideas to be heard, and that made him a perfect academic and teacher, a supporter to all those in the Department (and the University). 

I also remember going to a bus garage in Wakefield with Jeremy to carry out an interview for the Concessionary Fares study in 2010 - his eyes lit up on arrival, and the interview was a virtuoso performance by Jeremy - it would have been perfect as a video piece for the Economics of Transport Regulation module if it had been recorded. 'Bus fare setting and service planning in practice' - or similar.

Jeremy enjoyed reflecting on his work at the end of the day, with a beer, and often travelled to a particular spot, sometimes a pub or a local beer festival, to sample something that was special to him. Thinking of him now and missing his great wit and presence. Rest in peace.